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At Jerome Studio we have set ourselves the goal of being able to offer sustainable leather bags with a high design standard for a wide range of target groups. It is important to make our Jerome Studio bags available for almost any budget without compromising quality, function or sustainability. We see the need to constantly develop and improve a new approach apart from fast fashion.


The production of sustainable leather bags is not a one-off development but a continuous process with the urge for improvement and innovation. Thus we combine the traditional craftsmanship of our bags with new ways of thinking and future-oriented processing techniques.

Creative director Jerome Berg builds every Jérome Studio collection on the foundation of functionality and practicality. The collections are in harmony with design, function and timelessness. 

A high-quality produced bag is the basis of a long-term and sustainable relationship between the product and the customer, which does not function as a fast fashion product.


Jerome Studio‘s atelier is located in Berlin Kreuzberg in an international environment. Our designs as well as the pattern making are created in our atelier. The manufactory is located approx. 2 hours from Berlin in Germany. This means that we can guarantee our employees working conditions, transparency for our customers. We do not use any kind of plastic in our production or in our daily business in the office.

For our Berlin customers we offer a courier service with the help of bicycle couriers in order not to deplete the environment any further. We try to use little packaging material so that we do not harm the environment unnecessarily. Our dust bags are made of organic cotton.


The tanning process with mineral, vegetable tanning agents is mainly used in leather production today. Under Jerome Studio we offer leather bags with a 100% sustainable olive leaf tanning agent. From olive tree leaves, which were previously burned directly after the olive harvest. All of the tanning residues are completely recyclable.

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